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Identification Devices Available

The RIDE ALERT and ALERTID, ID devices, shown below, are available from the Members Shop, accessible
through your account, once you have completed your full registration
All can be recorded and thus protected on your Family account.

CANADA  - Currently there are 3 devices available in Canada the Wristband, Saddle Tag and Property Badges. 
For how these look please see the Canada Shop page.


Personal Wristband                                             

Visible Identification for People
In the event of an emergency those first on the scene will see the riders visible Ride Alert wristband and call our 24/7 Incident Response Center using the Incident Number clearly displayed on the wristband. The Incident Response Center will request the wristbands Unique ID to identify the person in question so as to relay the appropriate medical information to those on the scene. They also contact the member’s next-of-kin and family with details of the incident, the caller’s name and phone contact details and anything else that helps the member and family to be reunited.

Bridle/Halter/Blanket Tag                                    

Visible Identification for Horses
These bridle tags are great to leave on a horse's bridle or even their halter or blanket when out in the field.  Registering your horse with RIDE ALERT means that in the event your horse is found after an accident or a simple escape, our 24/7 support team is able to quickly identify him/her and reunite them with you in the most efficient way possible.
This item can also be used as a Pet Tag
Hat and Personal Property Gel Badges                  
Visible Identification for Property
Ideal for attaching to your hat and cell phone. 
In the event of sudden illness or accident or fall for a rider, or the loss of an item of mobile property belonging to the rider, the RIDE ALERT Emergency Response Team are able to assist the first responders and finders with essential rider medical information or in the case of a found item of property contact the RIDE ALERT member with contact details for the finder.


Diabetes Alert Wristband
Visible Identification for People with Diabetes
The Diabetes Alert ID wristband is fully adjustable and removable. It is crafted from soft PVC for durability and your comfort.

Real ‘Peace of Mind’ is guaranteed for the diabetic sufferer and their family whilst wearing the discreet yet easily observable, potentially ‘life saving’ wristband. If a diabetic sufferer is found needing assistance, the finder and the diabetic want to be sure of contact with someone who knows what to do – and quickly!

The Alert ID Incident Response Center is open 24-hours a day to receive emergency calls, relay the registered diabetic condition, medication and action advice and immediately begin the process of contacting the family with details of the incident.
Key Alert
Visible Identification for Property
Keys just leap out of pockets and thereafter lead a life of their own, traveling the railways or buses until found and stored away in a box desperately sorry, waiting for collection by the owner that never arrives!

Key Alert ensures that should you lose your keys, you have the best chance of getting them back again!

The finder simply telephones the number on the Key Alert fob and quotes your ID number to the Incident Response Center. We locate you on the Alert ID Register and you are contacted immediately!

Change your locks? Never – Alert ID keys come home!
Travel Alert
Visible Identification for Property
Travel in style and abandonment with Travel Alert. These smart, unique and highly visible travel ID tags that leave nothing to chance!

If your baggage arrives somewhere it shouldn’t and many do, rest assured that the Alert ID Incident Response Center is open 24-hours a day to receive the found baggage call and you will be contacted immediately!

  • Time saving - Only one contact form covers all your baggage.
  • Secure - Your details always remain confidential.
Knowing that you are on vacation, we will call you and call your hotel and text you and call your representative and keep calling and texting until you answer!
Pet Alert
Visible Identification for Pets
Pets go missing! – It’s a fact and every year in the US, around 2,400,000 dogs and cats are found stray!

Unfortunately, pet charities often end up with perfectly kept and obedient pets, the reason being – that pet identification is either non existent, cannot be read or the owner has changed their phone number.

Pet Alert ID changes all this...
  • Pet Alert ID is highly visible on the collar
  • Pet Alert can be removed by the finder to easily read the information
  • Pet owners can update their contact numbers at any time, without the need to replace the collar ID
Auto Alert
Visible Identification for Property
A car windscreen ID sticker for emergency communication with you if something happens to your car while you are away, and for effective communication with your family if you are involved in an accident.

How does this work in practice
The 24/7 Alert ID Incident Response Center can be contacted via the telephone number displayed on the Auto Alert sticker. The Emergency ID number is used to identify your car and in the case of an accident inform the emergency services about you and your medical and allergy conditions and immediately begin the process of contacting you or your family.

If your car has been damaged or broken into while parked, the Incident Response Center will contact you and your family with contact details of the caller.