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Emergency support is only a phone call away.
Ride Smart, Ride Safe, Ride Alert!

Our Why!
Anita and David owners of Ride Alert in the USA are avid horse people who have traveled to 40 states throughout America— and ridden their horses in 35 of those states. You can read about their fantastic cross country adventure at HorseQuestUSA

While on the trail they discovered a depth of relationship with their horses that they will always cherish— They also discovered that there could be times when both horses and riders would face difficulties, even dangers, and that was a big part of their inspiration for Ride Alert.  The other happened a few years later when they were organizing trail competitions and were the other side of the equation being responsible for other horse people, this was the clincher, there needed to be something out there that made information on people readily available in an Emergency and thus Ride Alert was discovered.

Do I Really Need Protection When I Ride?

Yes! Riding horses is both dangerous and unpredictable. Anything can— and often does— happen both on and off these wonderful animals.

The first questions asked by the emergency services at the scene of an accident or illness are –


  • Does anyone know this person?


  • Does anyone know what may be wrong with them?


  • Does anyone know whether they suffer from any medical or allergy conditions?


  • Does anyone know how we can make contact with their family?


The answer in many cases is insufficient to enable immediate best treatment and contact with family.

Since launching Ride Alert back in 2013 David and Anita pursue their business because they do not want you to find yourself in this situation and believe it is their duty to make this service available for you.